Sunday, January 14, 2007

"It's In The Marketing"

Above Images:
The British version (top) and French version of the Uncle Ben's websites (found HERE and HERE) provide a more accurate portrayal of the genesis of Uncle Ben's "converted" rice. To better view the images, click either to enlarge. Erich Huzenlaub was born in Germany and eventually became a British citizen. It was in England that he worked with his friend and fellow scientist, Francis Rogers. It was also here that he met Forrest Mars. As Huzenlaub had become a British citizen and Uncle Ben's is an American company, the above marketing pitch is attractive to build a bridge between British customers and the American company. You also will see how they tie in France as part of the genesis to endear themselves to French consumers. This is understandable and it makes sense.

Bottom Image:
However, in the United States, the below story is told on the Uncle Ben's website. American audience, American story. No foreigners mentioned as to the true start of the company. While the first paragraph is accurate, the second is not entirely accurate. Compare the sites and see the difference. The company would be better suited to share a consistent message around the world as to the genesis of the great company that is Uncle Ben's. Click on the below image to enlarge or visit the site for yourself HERE.

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